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Dhaka University Alumni Association Australia(DUAAA)

A Social Network for DU Graduates

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I, hereby apply to become a member of the abovermentioned association. I agree to furnish the proof of my qualification for membership if it is ever desired by the executive committee. In the event of my admission as a member, I agree to be bound by all the rules of the association for the time being in force.
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:: Membership of the Association ::


a) A person is qualified to be a member of the association if the person is a former student of Dhaka University or its affiliated colleges or institutes and obtained a formal degree from the university.

b) The following persons are qualified to be an associate member of the association: i. served as a teacher of the university ii. former employee of the university.

Application for membership:

a) an application in the prescribed “application form” must be lodged to the secretary general to become a member/associate member of the association.

b) a nomination of a person for membership must be made by an existing member of the association in writing in the “application form”.

c) the executive committee holds the right to accept/reject an application for membership or cancel the membership of an existing member.

Membership fees:

a) a member/associate member of the association must pay to the association an annual membership fee of $20. The membership fee for the first year must be paid on admission,

b) annual membership fee for each year is to be reviewed by the executive committee and must be paid by 31 January each year.